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Since this is a friendly competition, the rules will remain very simple.

  1. You must release your TB AFTER 12:00 am on May 16th.

  2. All mileage is tracked through

  3. The race will end on Friday July 10th at 12:00 pm SHARP. All mileage will be recorded with a screenshot from the LIVE race page.

  4. Once your TB is released, there is no touching it. However, you are allowed to message the current holder in order to alert them to move the TB if needed. 

  5. It is up to the TB owner to find a cache to start the race from. All caches are eligible including TB hotels. 

  6. It is the TB owners discretion on how to set the mission and goal of their TB to get the most mileage from the Geocaching Page. 

  7. If a TB is lost, stolen, destroyed during the race, no proxy TBs or Copy tags can be issued. Your TB has one shot to make it. 

  8. Once the race is complete, you are allowed to do what you wish to your released TB, it is your property.

  9. Have fun! There is a trophy and bragging rights involved. That's all. So feel free to side bet, tease, and harass your fellow racers as the race goes on!

  10. Of course, any cheating will result in disqualification. But there will not be any cheating since it is a friendly race.... right?!?!?!

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